Friday, August 24, 2012

Sleepless in...

We are still at the hospital. Everything was ok until about 4 pm. Jagger got a breathing treatment and then was super excited and awake. This turned to major agitation and whining around midnight and lasted till 4 am despite Iv morphine, motrin and extra Valium.
He was arching like crazy and his muscles were super tense. We thought maybe he is hungry since he has only gotten Iv fluid since wednesday afternoon so started some pedialite. I actually thought his magnesium/potassium levels may be low due to the fluid and nutrient loss but those where apparently normal. But I am still wondering if he needs extra of that since he has so severe cramps. His Iv nutrition which had been ordered for the night was never made so we had no choice but to try the g-tube feeds. He eventually fell asleep a little after 4 am. Who knows maybe he was hungry or the Valium did the trick.

Needless to say we are all exhausted. Still haven't caught up on sleep from last hospital admission.

Sebastien and I have been eating only one meal a day. We are too tired to eat and usually sleep through breakfast and lunch. The little energy we have left, we spend double checking everything the nurses and doctors do. Usually we get a little break from caring for Jagger and doing all his Meds while we are at the hospital but with all the mistakes so far, we really cannot relax one second.

Let's hope tonight is better although the way things are going right now it may be another long night.

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  1. Hi,that is really terrible when you have to stay in hospital so often and long,we know how you feel we have gone trough,you must be stable and not to go to the hospital so much,because they are danger!You will manage most of the situations with time at your home intensive care:-),we just pray to be stable,and there are everyday situations when we have to put our brains to work resolving the situation,hope that you'l be home soon and have better time with Jagger,
    Love Tanja and Blasko