Mitochondrial Diseases

This page will give you basis info about Mitochondrial diseases, especially how it relates to Jagger and his condition.

here is the cliff note version of Mitochondrial disease, I will also add links in the links tab if anyone want more details.

Mitochondrial diseases or disorders are when the cells are not producing enough energy. Each cells in teh body have mitochondria that produce energy, over 90% of the energy the body needs to function.
When one has a mitochondrial disease, something is wrong with those cells, mostly due to a gene mutation and the cells do not produce enough energy for the body/organs to function properly. It can affect a person in many different ways and the spectrum of the disease is very wide. One can just be tired after exercise or sport activity but also live a very normal life and not even know they have the disease. On the other hand, one can be greatly affected and have a very short life expectancy and everything in between.

Jagger has Leigh or Leigh like disease, it is a the most severe mitochondrial disease and it mostly touch the brain. The part of the brain (basal Ganglia) that affect the movement is greatly affected. It is a progressive disease that has a very poor prognosis as once the disease progress into the brain stem, respiratory failure is usually fatal.