Friday, August 17, 2012

A better day! (hospital-TICU stay day 3)

Super quick update.
Keeping it short as Annett and I are exhausted tonight. But of course Jagger is super hyper and wide awake!!
I made a quick round trip to Nashville today for work, but Tiffany came over to help Annett.
Jagger had a pretty good day and the doc even commented on how much better he looks! So it looks like the antibiotics are working on his pneumonia.
Started regular feeds again and hopefully he keeps those down so we can start talking about being discharged.
More update tomorrow. For now time to try to sleep for a few hours before the next time someone come in for vitals or trash emptying or feeding pump refill, etc :)


  1. Ugh I just hate being in the hospital!!! Why are they always so loud, knowing there are sick children trying to sleep?!?! I just saw Jagger's Tiny Sparrow pics and had to come and read more about him! Is he followed by Dr. Kendall??

  2. Yes we see Dr. Kendall, we love her she is awesome!!
    are you seeing her too?