Monday, July 8, 2013

"Steel" magnolias

I am finally starting to catch up with the posts, so this is probably not news to anyone but I still wanted to post it on the blog!!

Well, we have a new home for Jagger aka Jagger's Palace lol. It has a beautiful magnolia tree in the front yard and is surrounded by many tall pine trees. 
We loved the old place, but it was a townhome and has 3 stories so as Jagger is getting bigger and bigger (about 35 pounds), it is getting harder and harder to get him up and down the stairs, so we have to move.
It took us a while to find the perfect home for him and we ended up looking at 18 homes but we found the perfect one.
Unfortunately , it was a sale by owner and not to get into details it was the real estate transaction from hell, we even had to get a lawyer to get it done (which cost us more money of course).
But now we have the home, it is a ranch with hardwood floor and very wide hallways and door frames which is great for his wheelchair/stroller.
Even the home inspector said that he never saw such home before and it was build for handicap people for sure!
We will be able to move him around a lot easier and we even have a backyard. Now, Jagger doesn’t really like to be outside, but we will try now that we have a private yard for him.
The owner left the house very very dirty, messy and left a lot of her stuff she did not wanted anymore, so it took us a while to get everything ready and we were able to move in on July 4th weekend thanks to Annett's parents who were such amazing help!

UPDATE: We have now been at the house for 5 months, and we do love it
It is so much easier with Jagger, and he gets to see a lot more since he is not stuck into one room most of the day!
We still working on getting a ramp so we can get the wheelchair to the back patio, so when the weather gets better  we will be able to take him outside.

Front of the house

Back Patio, hopefully we can take Jagger to it soon!

Kitchen before

Kitchen After. Annett surprised me with an island while I was on a business trip!