Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"I smell like roses"

We finally were able to give Jaggy boo a bath after the week long hospital stay. Bathing is limited at the hospital because his port is usually accessed.
He seemed to enjoy the bath. Was snoring most of the time:)

And now we have a squeaky clean baby who smells like roses as daddy always says.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Done with another hospital stay!

So it has been a while since we updated the blog, and we still have to write entries on the end of our Orlando trip and Sebastien Citizenship ceremony, we will try to do that shortly.

But for now, we just spend the last week in the hospital with another Pneumonia.
It has been nearly impossible to avoid those aspiration pneumonia, I believe this is our 4th or 5th already this year.
Last week Jagger was pretty agitated most of the week, we could tell something was not right. On Thursday I had a day trip to Chicago and he was not feeling well at all during the day, I was able to calm him down a bit and get him to sleep when I got home, but the next morning he was again having a lot of pain, agitation and labored breathing , so we took him to the ER.
And sure enough his white cell were pretty high and he had pneumonia, so for the 13th time (I think), we were admitted to the hospital.
They put him on a different antibiotics than last time he had pneumonia since his stomach is still trying to recover from that one almost 2 months later.
On Sunday, they took more blood, the white cell were back down and Jagger was feeling better, so we were optimistic about going home on Tuesday.
But on Monday night, he started to have major breathing issues and was destating a lot, going down to the low 80’s, so we had to give him oxygen and we could only get him back to the mid 90’ on 50%.
So the doctor came back and we started packing our stuff to go to the ICU. But we were able to get his breathing under control around 6 am.
He had very thick secretions and since his muscle tone is very weak he could not cough them out so we had to do a lot of deep suctions. Jagger really hate that, but on the other hand who would like a huge tube going down your nose all the way to your throat!
We cut down one of his meds that can make secretions thicker and we were able to suction him thru the mouth (a lot better for him).
After that, he gradually got better and he is almost back to his normal self.
On Thursday afternoon, we were discharged and back home!!

We have a lot to do before  next Thursday, when we embark on our next big adventure, but we will post more about that this weekend.

Annett and Jagger taking a nap

" I m so ready to get out of here!!"