Saturday, November 19, 2011

Taking the tube out (Hospital stay Day 8, ICU day 5)

Jagger did good last night, nothing happen, which is good. This morning he had another blood transfusion.
Then the process of weaning off the sedation started so the doctors could take him off the ventilator.
As a parents this is real hard to watch, becuase as the sedation worn off, jagger was being more and more agitated and did not like that tube in his mouth. We had to try to keep him as calm as possible but it is not easy to do.
Finally the RT came over and took the tube off, the key was to keep him calm or it would get very upset and stop breathing again (he does that when he is very upset), so Annett took him in her arms right away and she was able to keep him calm enough that they did not have to put him back on the ventilator.
Jagger was of course exhausted so he took a little nap. When he woked up, he seemed pretty happy and even smiled at Annett for a few seconds, then took another nap.
Now, when he woke up from his second nap, he was a totally different child, he was very very agitated, did not recognize anyone and keep throwing his head back, and it was impossible to calm him.
The doctors started him a a couple of meds to see if he would help, but so far nothing seem to help at all.
Jagger is only taking short catnap but is not getting any restful sleep at all, I really wish they could find a drug that work SOON!

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