Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back to square one (Hospital Stay Day 12)

We are out of the ICU, after more than a week, and we are back on 5East, right across the hall from where it all started last week when Jagger went into respiratory failure.
It is nice to be back on regular floor, as there are no limitation on when you can come in and out and you can have food in the room. We had to take turn eating for the last week as you are not allowed to eat in the ICU.
On the other hand, now, we have to share a nurse with several rooms and it sometimes take forever to get what you need.
We meet the Attending that will look over Jagger, Dr. B is very nice and really take her time to answer all our questions.
Hopefully we will not be here too long, but Thanksgiving will be in the hospital this year.
Jagger seem to have calm down a bit even if he still arch his whole body like a cirque du Soleil performer and he still cannot see

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