Saturday, June 23, 2012

"Mr Big Guy"/ Happy 21 months birthday my Angel

So Jagger is now 21 months and 9 days. He is growing like a weed. At the hospital the nutritionist wanted to scale back his daily caloric intake because he is growing too fast!! Wow. We never thought we would hear these words as we had struggled with weight gain for most of Jagger's first year of life. Of course Sebastien and I are not changing anything. Jagger's weight constantly fluctuates and every time he gets sick he looses some.

Some quick stats:
Current weight: 22 pounds 4 oz ( roughly 10 kg)
Height: 33.5 inches
Teeth: 14
Hair: blond (getting pretty long but mommy can't bring herself to cutting them)
Eye color: beautiful hazelnut brown
Favorite toy: safari animal car, Sophie, vibrating star
Favorite book: "I love you, mommy!"
Favorite music: "j'eveille mon bebe" French baby music cd
Favorite color: red
Favorite place: rocking chair in living room
Favorite person: DADDY
Favorite thing to do: watching sports and cuddling with daddy in living room rocker; getting kisses from mommy
Least favorite: bath, changing

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