Thursday, March 8, 2012

Are we jinxing it???

It has been a while. It has been pretty quiet here. Good days and bad days. Usually things always go down hill when we post good news like the video below of Jagger laughing. Within a few hours of posting we had to give him morphine 3 times in 24 hours which is a lot. But things have settled again. We still have not yet toured the hospice facility which offers us an alternative to home and the hospital in a crisis situation. Anyway, the jinxing it applies to everything really. Guaranteed that Jagger will either vomit or pee or his tube will leak all over the bed as soon as I finished putting on fresh sheets. There are days when I change our linens a minimum of three times and of course he gets changed that often too. We have everything double or triple and even that sometimes is not enough. I have to do laundry every day unless we decide to sleep on plastic :). I am amazed the washing machine is still functioning, of course I probably just jinxed myself making this statement. lol.

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