Friday, December 2, 2011

Home sweet home (Hospital Stay Day 21)

After 21 days in the hospital, including one week in the ICU, we are going home!!
We left hospital early afternoon, it took all morning to make sure we have all papers needed to start hospice care, to have sample of the new formula ( we switching Jagger to a higher calorie formula, but it is not available at the store, it has to be special order at medical supply place).
Nurse D. came to the house and we filled paperwork for a few hours.
She will come at least once a week but more of course as needed. They will take care of all the drugs and suppliers, so all his medications will be deliver to our house directly.
She also called Walgreen infusion and they should come over tonight, deliver IV and show us how to start IV, as Jagger needs to be on IV for at least one week, while we try to increase his food intake thru the G tube.

OK, a few hours later and we are now all pro in starting IV fluid. It is not that difficult, the main thing is to make sure you keep everything very clean/sterile as his port line goes straight into his heart so you do not want to introduce infections.
Our house does look like an hospital now with all the meds and equipment, but at least we are home which is the most important.
Jagger eyesight seems to get a little better and according to Dr. K. he should start feeling better once he is back in his environment, so we will see.

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