Saturday, January 25, 2014

And the award goes to.......

Jagger is and always will be the center of our universe. Our lives evolve around him and he is most happy and content with mommy and daddy. He craves our affection and hates being alone. Pretty much nothing changed since the day he was born:). He loves to be held, cuddled and kissed which we gladly do all day long. And honestly I am glad he lets us because he is so adorable, we cannot resist! It really is impossible to walk by him and not give him a kiss or touch him.

He continues to sleep in our bed and now that we have a big king size bed it's even better. He sleeps right in the middle cuddled between mommy and daddy both holding his hands and giving sandwich kisses. He really loves it and is completely content waking up like this every morning and so are we:)

Sebastien is still Jagger's absolute favorite person but I am trying my best to steal this title:) But one thing never changed. Jaggy is and always will be mommy's favorite person:)

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