Monday, April 22, 2013

"Iceman"( yes Top Gun) stay # 17

Back again. Fourth time this year and it's only April. We actually went to the ER a week ago thinking Jagger had pneumonia but X-ray was clear and bloodwork was ok. They gave us antibiotics and steroids nonetheless. Antibiotics in case he was starting to develop pneumonia and steroids to open his airways and help with his funky breathing noises. Well sure enough we are back a week later with major pneumonia. Worst one he had so far and back in the ICU. We had a sleep study done as well and although it was normal we decided with the our pulmonologist and ICU docs that it would be a good idea to start bipap to help keep his lungs inflated.
So we started bipap. Oh boy. We were able to convince the doctors tht a full face mask may not be ideal due to his bad reflux and vomitting. But what they brought wasn't any better. Lol. Pictures say it all.

After 10 days in the ICU he was well enough to go home and we got both cough assist and BiPap from our DME company. Yuppy more stuff!! Thankfully they have nice equipment and a nice nasal mask that doesn't look like something from the last century or something they use in a laboratory. And this one actually fits properly! Since Jaggy boo still sleeps in our bed cuddling with daddy (don't think this will ever change) Sebastien was not looking forward to the BiPap at all. But we do what we have to for our precious baby boy!

Unfortunately he missed the Energy For Life Walkathon! But we had a great team walking on his behalf and many many generous donations!

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