Monday, May 21, 2012

Oui Oui Oui

Jaggy had some visitors these past two weeks. Grandparents flew all the way from France to see our Angel. Even though we spoil Jagger every day he was even more spoiled from the grandparents:). Daily massages, songs and stories, gifts and kisses. He loves all this attention as he HATES to be alone. He loves to be touched and cuddled. So that is what we do every day!

Jagger doing exercise and getting a massage from Grandma

PS: Considering I named this post oui oui oui, I have to write a little story about Vegas for our friends Tisha and Jen:). So when I was pregnant Sebastien's goal was to expose Jaggy (then a tiny schrimp:)) to as much Bon Jovi as possible. We actually went to four Bon Jovi concerts during the course of our pregnancy (side note: Jovi was on the short list of names but we then decided on Jagger). So we went to Vegas to see the first of four Bon Jovi concerts. Jen and Tisha met us there.
As we left the MGM we got into a cab, both Tisha and Jen drinking Fat Tuesday cocktail mixes. Sebastien sat in the front seat while all three girls climbed in the back. The cab driver (as they usually do) asks us where we are from. Sebastien said that he was from France. Oh boy, and so the conversations goes:

Cab driver: Ah , France?! Oui Oui Oui
Sebastien: Actually I am here as a spinoff from the popular Vegas strip show: "The Thunder from Down Under". I am here as the Thunder from Across the Pond!
Cab drive: Oui Oui Oui, the thunder from across the pond!! Hahaha.
The conversation continues with Sebastien and the cab driver discussing the "Thunder from Across the Pond" act as the cab driver keeps saying "oui oui oui" in this extremely high pitch voice.
It was hilarious. Jen, Tisha, and I are laughing so hard tears are flowing down our faces. Tisha who just took a sip of her fat Tuesday drink spits it across the taxi, hitting Sebastien in the neck.

I know they say: "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,"  but I had to share this. Anyone who knows Sebastien's character and accent, can appreciate the humor in this.

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