Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day to my two favorite people

People keep asking us how we are doing. I am a very private person and don't like to share my personal feelings too often but let me just say the following:

Every morning I wake up, looking over my right shoulder and happy to see Jaggy cuddled up in daddy's arms. Every morning I breathe a sigh of relief, happy he is still with us and I commence my day with three goals: 1. give him 1000 kisses, 2. tell him that mommy loves him more than anything and that he is my absolute favorite person in this entire world, 3. keep him happy and pain free. (Although I usually stop counting after about 100 kisses most days these goals are met).

At the same time I hope every day that today is not the day I have to say goodbye to my sweet baby, the love of my life.

Our days are like an emotional roller coaster..happy, sad, joy, pain, content, anger, love, frustration...

Our unique situation has taught us to cherish every moment from the smallest accomplishment to the biggest smile. Everything counts.

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